Just a Little Backstory

What's up girls, boys, and non-binary babes, it's ya girl Haley

I've pretty much always looked at the world a little differently.

The first time I picked up a camera was when I was just a kid who loved apple sauce and my dogs and running around in the Arizona deserts and farmlands. I was given a film point-and-shoot that was the size of a brick when I was 9 years old, and I carried it everywhere, strapped to my wrist, documenting everything I could. 

Twenty years later, and I'm still just as obsessed. 

I upgraded gradually, first with a digital Panasonic point-and-shoot in middle school (so that I could have sick ass MySpace pics), then my great-grandfather's Canon A1 was handed down to me in high school (that was when shit got real and I learned how to develop film in a dark room, there were soooooo many wasted rolls of film during those days), and now you can catch me with my big, bad Canon 5D Mark IV (look mama, I made it!) at pretty much any given time. I still have a deep love for film photography and utilize Polaroids and 35mm whenever possible. 

At any moment, no matter where I am or what camera I have on hand, if you glance over at me, I'm probably lining up a shot and trying to get the perfect angle. Honestly, the love of photography is no longer something that can be separated from who I am as a person. It's how I see the world. It's an integral part of me.

Things I Give a Shit About

Showing up honestly

As an artist that works with people in high volumes, I have learned that it is always the right move to be honest and sincere with the people around me. I will never be the girly that lies to make you feel good, and I will never ~facetune~ your photos to make you look unlike yourself. I'mma document you as you are, which is perfect!

Creating candidly

Together, we will do more than just pose and shoot. I will move and dance with you, laugh with you, and learn who you are beyond what I see with my lenses. It is my goal to capture you exactly as you are: beautiful in your own uniqueness, moving, grooving, grieving, goofy, mourning, and everything in between. There is nothing insincere about our lives, so I will always be genuine during our time together.

Leading with love

I believe that the world is better when we love one another. It is so much easier to show up and accept others, to give them love freely and without expecting anything in return. I promise to make any space we share into a safe one, and to show you that you are someone worth seeing and appreciating. I want to be more than just a photographer and a client, let's be friends!

All the Fun Shit You Wanna Know


Aquarian through and through, but I've got hella Scorpio and Capricorn in my chart. I know, I know. I'm crazy.

Bonus points if you share your chart with me!!!!!!!

Tattoo Count

I literally do not know, but I could count them with you and tell you all about them when we grab coffee or a drink!

Or maybe we can go get one together ;)

Spotify Wrapped

Hozier, Taylor Swift, Noah Kahan, Leon Bridges, and Lord Huron dominate my listening habits now. But I'll always be an emo kid and a Britney Spears girl at heart!!!

Passport Stamps

I've traveled to 29 countries (and counting!)

 In 2024, I have trips planned to Mexico, Ireland, France, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Meet me there?

Everyone is welcome here

When I say everyone, I mean that.

This is a safe place for people who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and all the possible shapes, sizes, and abilities a body could have. I want to celebrate humanity in its gorgeous diversity,  we are all worthy of being seen.

Here, there, everywhere

I am predominantly based out of Central Arizona and Southern California, however I am willing and able to travel to anywhere in the world!

Please reach out through my booking request link in order to coordinate.

Real talk, true story, here's what you can expect from working with me

All I want is to be your biggest and baddest hype woman, all day long. 

I am totally unafraid of being silly, by the end of the night I'll be cracking on with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, probably roasting your dad by the bar. You'll catch me on the floor, literally, in the middle of the dance circle, just so I can get *the shot* of your cousin doing the worm. I don't give a shit about getting sweaty, I'll sing at the top of my lungs with you, and I will make sure that you have the best night of your life.

If you have difficult family dynamics, I am well equipped to deal with them and a pro at diffusing conflicts. If you need some time to breathe, I'll guard the door so no one bothers you. If you need someone to hold your hair at the end of the night, don't worry baby, I've got extra hair ties.

You can hire anyone with a camera to get the basic photos of your wedding. 

You probably know a guy with a DSLR that thinks he can do the trick, and he might do the job just fine, but when you hire me, you're not just getting a girl with a camera and a bag of extra snacks. You're getting a girl that is trauma informed and capable of handling big emotions, that will show you love and care and make sure that you are getting what you need. You're also getting a girl that can and will absolutely rally everyone onto the dance floor if the DJ plays Low by Flo Rida, despite my knees' complaints. You're getting a girl that genuinely loves her job, loves working in the wedding industry, and loves people that are in love. 

And just you wait until you see how fucking good I am at getting the shot.

Sound good? Great.

Let's work together!