Client Testimonials

"I believe it was destined for Haley to be our photographer for our elopement! She just so happened to be available for our day, and was so encouraging and eager to make our dream day happen. She took the time to really get to know me and my husband before the big day, and really see what we envisioned (which we honestly didn't consider much before she asked). She not only encouraged us to be our true selves, but also enthusiastically said, 'yes, let's do it!' to all the little requests for shoots we wanted."  

"She was my biggest supporter in our secret elopement and made me feel seen, heard, understood, and wholeheartedly accepted. She even told me, "don't talk about my friend like that!" when I was sweaty and said I was gross in between outfit and location changes (because it was a hot day in the sun in July). She refused to let me believe anything other than I was a magical, beautiful bride on the biggest day of my life. I am eternally grateful that Haley spent the whole day with us, not only being our photographer, but also helping lug all our gear down endless flights of stairs and back up again from being told by lifeguards at El Matador that our shoot for golden hour wouldn't be possible because of the high tide."

"She helped us find a nearby beach and make our golden hour shoots a possibility. She even had us take her camera and do shoots of each other so we could capture the way my husband and I see each other through the other's eyes. And she had the best recommendations for poses when we had no clue what to do."

"She is incredible, authentic, and really means it when she says she loves love. She is unconditional love incarnate! Her vision, artistry, and radiant spirit behind the lens will create magical moments that will make you love all parts of you, too."

"Our experience with Haley was a  1000000/10."

"The highlight of our time with her was how comfortable she made everyone feel in front of the camera!! You forget you’re even taking photos and then you see the result and it’s better than you ever imagined!!"

"It was absolute honor and dream come true to he photographed by Haley. In my adult life, all I’ve wanted is to be seen. By someone, anyone. And Hay sees you. She truly sees you." 

"If you want to be in a space where it is constantly reiterated that you are worthy, and beautiful, and loved, that space is in front of Haley’s camera. And the experience is just the start. Because the photos are out of this world unreal."

"I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that beautiful in my life. Everyone deserves that feeling. Everyone. Haley is wonderful in every single way."

"Even though I have known Haley for years, I was still so nervous to be in front of the camera. It happens to the best of us, especially the hams. But Haley had us cutting up and shaking it all out in the first hour. We had an engagement session planned in the Arizona desert at the end of September, so it was still a little spicy outside. It was no matter for Haley though, we hiked into the mountains and up and down all the little hills and sweat only a little to find the perfect flora and lighting and color palate to magnify mine and Josh's love for each other."

"We stayed through Golden Hour into the hour past, called Blue Hour (an hour that I never thought had a name) that cooled and colored the air with deep cyan tones and dusky shimmer. I will always hold this session so dearly to my heart. Haley really will climb any mountain if it means so much to you. She puts her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her passion."

"In every occasion that I get to work with Haley, the realization becomes more clear that I always walk away with a greater sense of self and self-love from before we started. Haley holds a power, regardless of if she is working or not, of being able to show yourself exactly how she sees you, which always seems to be in golden hour."

"In moments of softness, and vulnerability, or exuberance and surprise, she captures raw and un-staged emotion while all the while having you giggling and cackling and letting your barriers down so you can step out of your comfort zone in a comforting means, and explore the world and how it loves you and moves around you."

“I was blessed enough to do a boudoir session with Haley. It was originally a divorce gift to myself but what I gained from the session far exceeded my expectations." 

"Haley helped me bring back a light I thought I lost in myself."

"She not only made me feel comfortable in the pictures but in myself and in my new journey in life. She reminded me that I am beautiful, imperfections and all. She sat with me as I looked in the mirror and helped me fall in love with myself all over again. She gave me the little nudge I needed to take my power back and look forward to all the amazingness I buried deep inside. She reminded me to be unapologetically myself and the pictures I received help me remember all of this every time I look at them."